How much does a deck cost?

Here are some standards pre-quoting your job.

Type of Material  Typical Deck price range
Heart redwood decking $40 to $50 / Square foot
Composite decking $45 to $55 / Square foot
Sylvanix composite decking $60 to $70 / Square foot
Hardwood decking $80 to $100 / Square foot

What about stairs and railings?

Stairs add $400 per tred.

Railings come in many different styles and costs vary widely. We quote those options on an individual basis.

We do not currently offer brick or stone covered columns services but can work with your prefered contractor should you decide to include those on your project.

What about permits?

Please take into account that the permit, zoning and engineering fees will also vary drastically from one municipality to another and that these costs are not included in this estimated project cost – Plan Ahead for this.